Sunday, May 15th 2016 will see a vibrant group of young people from 15 organized churches of the Seventh-day Adventist faith all over Efate come together to work on the Manples road. Dubbed “Operesen Helpem Manples”, the event will see young people showing true grassroots involvement in community development at Manples.
Mrs Belinda Karae Lewa, the Coordinator of this Sunday’s community service elaborated, saying, “This community Service will see the youth involved in repairing the road going up to Manples area. Often times public transports hesitate to go up that road because of its poor conditions. EDAY has decided to lend a helping hand in fixing and filling up those pot holes and improving the conditions of that road.”

It is not only about fixing the road though, Mr David C Patunvanu, secretary of the organizing committee added that, “this event not only aims to bring the road back to standard but also aims to get our young people involved in community development work by not always depending on the government. It’s a project designed by young people for the betterment of our communities and help develop our young people to share the passion of humanity.”

The event will see some 500 youth around the Efate District come together to patch potholes, cementing the road up the second hill to Manples Mango, cleaning up the road side as well as visiting households with messages of hope and love. Operesen Helpem Manples seems set to be a precedent for future projects whereby grassroots, especially young people, take the lead in developing their own communities.

Said Mrs Lewa, “the Youth will feel a sense of responsibility and ownership after this project and that is the kind of value that we want to instill into our young people. Most importantly, we want to instill the value of love and being all about giving rather than receiving. These projects reflect ways of how we can share and show the love of Jesus to everyone around us.”

The EDAY comprises youth from youth clubs in the 15 organized SDA churches in the Efate District, which covers all of Efate and its offshore islands. For more information about this event, contact EDAY’s Spiritual Coordinators; Alex Mickey on mobile 5355667 or Jesse Willie on mobile 7739076.