The whole nation is in uproar. Prime Minister Sato Kilman hired a ni-Vanuatu, known criminal to work for him. Said criminal has long been blacklisted by the Australian Federal Police for tax fraud. Out of total ignorance, the PM takes said criminal with him as part of his envoy to Israel. While going through transit in Australia, the PM and his envoy got lied to and taken through immigration procedures – a sure sign of breach of protocol. While going through immigration, said criminal gets arrested. The PM returns to Vanuatu and deports the AFP personnel in the country, citing lack of respect for protocol. He goes on to demand an apology from Canberra.

Meanwhile the people are divided in opinion whether to support the PM’s expulsion of the AFP or to chastise him. Some think that it’s about time the PM told Australia to stop meddling in national affairs while some are wary that Australia will withdraw its AID to Vanuatu. There’s heated debates on social media networks as well as local Newspaper, radio and (maybe) television.

As if to provoke a juicy controversy, the crime rate in Port Vila suddenly rises. With the AFP out of the way, more prisoners escape and there’s havoc. There are now confirmed armed robbers in Port Vila. Two expatriate couples have been murdered and several injured in their homes. Robbers are robbing houses and some even robbed students at the University of the South Pacific – knives and guns and all! One would think that the AFP are gloating in their self-importance at the obvious rise in crime rate – probably due to their termination?

While all this is going on, the locals are teaming to beautify Port Vila in preparation for the upcoming ACP/EU meetings. Just a few weeks after expelling the AFP, PM Sato Kilman Livtunvanu welcomes the Indonesian president (whatever that murder’s name is) to Port Vila. A group of not more than 30 youth gathered at the Bauerfiled international airport to protest the arrival of the Indonesian group. This group of young people support Vanuatu’s stand on helping West Papua (an Indonesian province) to gain independence from Indonesia. The protest is against Indonesia’s violation of the West Papuan peoples human rights. Committing Genocide and having no respect for human life in the West Papua province. Needless to say, the police arrive in full riot gear and arrest all the protesters. Yup! Full riot gear! One of the arresting officers is heard to say “what has West Papua done for you?”.

In the meantime, Wan Smolbag Theatre is running two plays with political themes. The first is a revival of last year’s “Zero Balans” about Ezekiel, a politician who is on his deathbed and two angels take him through his life offering him his life back if he can find someone to admit that he is a good person. The political issues addressed in this play is enough to make you not vote for the same old crooks. The other is “Janis ia nao” a play surrounding a mother and her handicapped daughter. They find a bag of cash that changes their lives, plunging them down the road to politics. Tickets are on sale at both Wan Smolbag Theatre and at the Vanuatu Post Office in town. No tickets sold at the door.